Starting a blog business may seem to be fairly easy – many think that it is enough to just come up with some ideas of a name, domain and templates. However, as long as starting can literally take a moment, it is all about developing and exploring new possibilities in the world of blogging. Today, we are going to show you how to start wisely, especially if you have never been into blogging before.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a updated on a regular basis website, managed by a group or individual, who are leaders of communication there. Also, they enhance messages (blog posts) with some interactive content, e.g. photos, photo galleries, video, infogrpahics, checklists, whitepapers, e-books or even video animations. While the boom for blogging started, because people wanted to share their stories or took blogging like a time-killer hobby, nowadays blogging is getting even more popular thanks to wide opportunities for monetization of blogging efforts.

Is it worth blogging?

Blogging can be real fun, but many bloggers nowadays turn it into a goldmine and make money out of it. While some of them only use it as a source of extra income, others take it as a full-time job as it can pay off very quickly.

Sharing stories in the form of blogging can help coping with stress and gain some following who would be interested in reading more and become your loyal audience.

Blogging can also open a lot of new possibilities for career (if you don’t want to make blogging your job), as in many places it can be regarded as your asset.

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How to start a blog business?


You concluded that you need to make a blog, yet don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin. The initial step is to think of a blog name. This is the primary thing your followers will see and how they will recognize you. It’s vital to pick a name that is straightforward yet in addition identifies with the point of your blog. Ensure your name is really unique, hard to copy, and grabs people groups’ eye. Be mindful so as not to go too absurd, as it can be hard to remember and come back to. A garish and irritating name can push away your audience and conceivably annoy others. Stay away from numbers and hyphens and attempt to keep your name short and sweet.


Your blog is the place where you’ll be posting, composing articles and associating with your audience. Pick a platform that is anything but difficult to set up and flexible, with accommodating choices that will upgrade your blog. Some well known blogging services are:

– – this is unquestionably the most prominent blogging platform. Its greatest favorable position is that it’s overly basic and simple to utilize. You can redo it anyway you like. WordPress offers astonishing features like Google Analytics that assists with custom examination and following.

– Medium – this platform is constantly developing and has turned out to be one of the biggest networks of bloggers and specialists, with a bit of a social media twist. It’s an incredible spot to begin for newbies since there is no setup required and you needn’t bother with a specific tech aptitudes. Here you center generally around composing and not stress a lot over structuring a site. Even though you can’t customize themes, it is worth checking out – especially if you are not convinced yet if blogging is for you.

– Blogger – this is a straightforward blog platform that was made for non-technically knowledgeable clients. A reward is that it’s free!

– Tumblr – it can be regarded by many as a very extraordinary and not quite conventional blogging platforms. It’s free, simple to utilize and very speedy. You can blog recordings, pictures or GIFs right away. It’s likewise an incredible spot to find other astounding websites and get roused. If you want to be into blogging, but less into writing, then Tumblr is for you.

Of course, there are many other platforms you can give a try, but those aforementioned can bring real benefits quickly, as you don’t need to spend a lot of time on congiruing each ane every setting.

start a blog


Since you’ve picked a blogging platform, it can make a great opportunity to pick the theme you’re going to blog about and relate to in your social media shares, as well. Think about what you adore doing, what you’re best at and what you see yourself posting about every now and again. Also, you need to have essential knowledge to do it right – otherwise, your lack of knowledge will be easily spotted and you can lose trust. Ensure you pick something you truly appreciate and don’t pick a particular specialty as a result of its prominence.

Here are a couple of types of blogs you can choose:

– Lifestyle – you don’t need to constrain yourself to one classification, you can cover a lot of topics without being an amazing expert of any of them, however, as we mentioned, you need to have some knowledge about what you are writing about.

Travel – exploring the world and describing experiences is one of the most popular ways of blogging. Visiting new places is their greatest enthusiasm, and it is even better if they can get paid by brands who are interested in combining some pieces of content with their offers.

– Beauty – you also can everything cosmetics and skincare related. They talk about skincare patterns, try out items and survey them, and post cosmetics instructional exercises. It’s dependent upon you to choose what intrigues you the most.

– Food – you can include a ton of pictures of dinners you cook, sharing unique recipes and notwithstanding looking into eateries: cafes, restaurants, food trucks, bars. You can even consolidate two subjects into one blog, for instance, food and photography.

Fashion – clothes, accessories, design, outfits and trends. You can either show your outfits or comment others, show the newest trends and even work on referrals with some shops for recommending their offer further.

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In spite of the fact that your principle objective in blogging shouldn’t be really about cash, it’s an astounding advantage that can motivate you to blog. So as to begin getting offers from brands to team up, you should make your blog known to the world and really valuable to your audience. Remain dynamic, post updates and contact different bloggers for some joint activities or just sobe additional support. Do whatever it takes not to spam your gathering of people with posts and/or adverts; this can without much of a stretch debilitate them and make them forget about you as a valuable and helpful blogger.

What are some well-known forms of monetization?

– Sponsored articles– the more well known the blog is, the more brands will connect with pay for their substance to be posted. Be watchful with publishing too many supported posts, on the grounds that your group of followers will be less dependable of your suppositions.

– Affiliate links – this is a simple method for making some more money without much sacrifice. Your target group, who get familiar with content you publish, can as well be keen on obtaining a particular item you present. They can click on the link that drives them to said product or the whole website. The site tracks what number of clients click on their connection through your blog, and you gain benefit (some advertisers pay for clicks, others for views, and bloggers can get some comission as well).

– Product reviews – this is how a lot of bloggers started – by taking some small products and making some reviews about them. To be seen as a trustworthy and valuable blogger, you should survey only great quality items that can be useful to followers.

– Display ads – keep them negligible. Try not to spam your blog with promotions all over the place. Google Ads may be the easier spot to start with.

– Guest posts – endeavor to get others to post on your blog and attempt to post on other people groups’ websites. This will expand your span and number of followers.

You can also look for some more forms of monetization, for example with aggregators. These websites collect offers from blogers and advertisers, so you can make your own subpage and show what you have got to offer. can help with finding your  very first advertiser and monetize your writing efforts in a selected form. Good luck!

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