Have you just decided that you want to get involved in blogging? Great idea! Blogging can be really fun and a source of income, if you play the game correctly and wisely. Before you start typing your first words, you should prepare some strategy to find out what and when you want to achieve.

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One of the elements of your strategy should be finding out the best blogging platform, testing it out and choosing for the final implementation. It may not be a walk in the park, but it is crucial to find a platform that meets all of your requirements.

Below, you will find a few of our recommendations.

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What is blogging?

To put this in just a few words, blogging is nothing more than distributing content in different structures to drive traffic, get some serious consideration or even turn it into the goldmine. Inside blogging, you can distribute plenty of different sorts of content: including plain content, photograph exhibitions, infographics, agendas, digital books etc. Blogging is likewise about making the network around a blogger and making some loyal and long-term interaction with gatherings of people.

Why should you blog?

There are no less than a couple of reasons why blogging can be fun and something beyond a leisure activity.

  • It very well may be an extraordinary way of consuming time and making it your hobby, that can be your full-time job soon.
  • It can bring you some additional cash or even become your fundamental wellspring of salary on the off chance that you play the round of adaptation well.
  • It can make you persuasive, a lot of bloggers are influencers are well, and such people are invited to many exclusive events or conferences as experts and speakers.
  • You can pick up many devoted followers around your activity.
  • You can even begin some business around your blog and sell products related to it.


What is the best site to start blogging?

How about we experience a couple of well-known decisions among bloggers? You should discover the blogging platform that is generally simple to set up and may not require any further and propelled abilities with respect to coding. You ought not to contribute many hours of your precious time and endeavours in the event that you don’t know whether this kind of activity is really for you. Be that as it may, in the reality you need to interface your blog with adaptation alternatives, you might need to glance through platforms offering such a chance.


WordPress.org is one of the foremost prevalent alternatives for the blogging platform. You cannot make a botch and confuse it with WordPress.com because it is a completely diverse story. WordPress.org is an open source blogging platform where you’ll construct your straightforward site for blogging in a pulse and for gratis. To begin doing so, you have got to sign up with WordPress.org. A huge advantage of WordPress.org is that you simply can construct websites in minutes and have all control over the design. You’ll be able to control every single component of your website and enhance it with highlights like the online store, paid enrollment or forum features, and numerous more. It opens up a part of conceivable outcomes for monetization. You have a parcel of subjects to utilize for WordPress and you’ll be able to customize them as you need with thousands of plugins. In any case, you would like to oversee your format, security and reinforcements on your claim.

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Another arrangement as for blogging platforms is Wix that can assist you to construct your very first site. It is regularly utilized by small and medium entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers all over the world. Wix offers an instinctive and user-friendly drag & drop editor and it can be improved by a blog as well as numerous third-party apps. The set up takes only a moment and should not be much of a troublemaker. However, it includes a few disadvantagesas well. With a free account, you simply get a subdomain, once you select a format – you can’t alter it, and plan alternatives are constrained.


WordPress can offer a blog facilitating benefit in a really essential way. However, if you want to take your blogging experience to the next level, you should invest in a few extra features to form your blog look completely proficient. WordPress.com is one of the pioneers of “web journal” platforms. It requires no set-up and is generally basic to oversee within the world of blogging. In any caseyou’ve got exceptionally restricted alternatives to include a few personalized themes and what matters for monetization, you can’t run adverts yourself.


This free blogging platform given, powered and updated by Google permits you to make a blog in a heartbeat. Requirements are really low: you simply require a Google account to start your blogging adventure, and Blogger is free. However, you can’t really monetize it.

LinkedIn Publishing

Hesitation happens. It makes no sense to invest in blogging if you are not sure it is for you. For such people, there are a few free alternatives available, and one of them is LinkedIn Publishing, a port of a social media platform called LinkedIn. If you are not very beyond any doubt if blogging activity is really a good shout for you, you might need to attempt this one. You can’t generally improve the look of it (simply add some photos or videos to your posts and embellish it with a cover photo), yet you can give it a go on the off chance that you don’t know that you can distribute routinely.


Medium is very like LinkedIn Publishing, and it is somewhat blogging and network platform with some limited social choices, more constrained than those present at LI. You can’t utilize your very own space or redo a format. On the off chance that you are not fretted over having your very own space, adaptation or design alternatives, Medium is one of the most effortless platforms. If you want to put your focus on writing, not desigining, Medium is a perfect spot for your requirements.

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Which blog hosting platform should you select?

Your first decision impacts a lot, but no worries – you can always almost change it and switch to other platforms. If you need to dedicate yourself to composing posts rather them making them interactive, arrangements offered by LinkedIn Publishing or Medium might be the best. However, if you care about adaptability, use WordPress.org, on the off chance that you need to get into monetization, certainly run with WordPress.com. Good luck!

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