Travelling is a popular hobby among many people. Writing about traveling experiences can be extremely enjoyable and make your trips even more memorable.

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Anyone can make a travel blog of course. You don’t have to travel around the world to write about your experiences, even small city trips or village hopping can be interesting and original. If you’re considering making a travel blog or already have one, but don’t have any ideas on how to run it or what exactly you should write about no need to panic! Once you get a routine down, you will be perfecting your blogging skills in no time.

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Start with a blog name

The obvious first step. Choose a blog name that matches the vibe of your blog. Make it original and easy to remember, keep in mind that there are thousands of travel blogs, so having a complicated name won’t make you memorable.

Find a niche

Whether it’s traveling around the world, small road trips around your country or discovering unknown places in your small town; it’s up to you on what you want to write about. Don’t be intimidated by other bloggers who regularly visit new countries. Comparing yourself to others will discourage you. Not everyone enjoys around-the-world travel blogs, in fact having an original idea will help you gain a bigger audience rather than sticking to the same topics as everyone else.

Define your goal

Why did you start your blog? Ask yourself this question before posting. Know what you want to showcase on your platform and stick to your beliefs.

Do your research

Before you start posting anything try to get as informed as possible about the niche you want to write about. Read other blogs, see what works, what you enjoy reading about and what you dislike. Try to avoid other peoples’ mistakes that you observe. Knowing the way you want to write will show your audience that you take your posts seriously.

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Plan your trips

Make sure to know ahead of time where you plan to travel next. It’s a bad idea to plan trips last minute and rush things just because you feel pressured. Consider keeping a journal to write down thoughts of places to visit that you come up with during the day or when you’re out and about.

Don’t focus too much on the form

Sure, it’s great to read articles that have good structure, but you don’t always need lengthy paragraphs to keep your reader entertained. Sometimes it’s best to write a few quality sentences rather than a long article from which a reader doesn’t learn anything interesting.

Be committed

Once you start posting, make sure you do it regularly. You should try to post at least three times a week. Make sure you plan your trip ahead of time, so you aren’t left with a month without anything to write about. A good idea is to divide your content into three separate posts so that you can make the most out of each trip.

Figure out what gets you motivated

We all get writer’s block from time to time. Try to find out what keeps you inspired and helps you come up with great ideas. Sometimes it can be a particular time of day, such as early mornings or sometimes it can be a specific place that gets your writing flowing. Don’t be too worried about bad drafts or days when you seem to be unmotivated; this happens to the best of us.

Be confident

Your experiences are what makes you unique. Write about what you felt, saw and discovered. Be sure about what you write, because only you can tell your story.

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Teach your followers

The whole reason why your audience reads your blog is that it wants to learn something new about the places you’ve visited. Provide them with information on people, streets, cities nearby and restaurants. Always think about what your followers would like to know and what would add value to their lives. Respond to their comments and build a connection with them!

New Ideas

Providing your audience with a new perspective on travel will keep them coming back. Use creative writing and show them why you’re different.

Add graphics

Videos and pictures make a huge difference for a travel blog. You can even say graphics are as equally important as your actual writing. Capturing the moment and providing scenery shots for your audience will keep them amazed.

Simple design

Don’t overdo it with your blog’s design. Having a lot of writing and graphics is already a lot, so try to keep it minimal.

Learn to edit

Grammatically correct content will satisfy your audience. Nobody wants to read articles that have hundreds of spelling mistakes. If writing isn’t what you’re best at, remember that practice makes perfect. Read and write as much as possible, and you’ll get the hang of things eventually.

Update social media

Being active on social media will keep your followers up to date on your latest journeys. It is also a great way to promote your blog and help others discover you. Never underestimate the power of Instagram.

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Promote yourself

This point ties in with social media. Find the platform that works for you and the one that you enjoy using. Show off your work. Why waste your time working hard on your blog when no one is reading it? Pinterest is an excellent example of where to start.

Enjoy yourself

Remember that the whole purpose of your blog is to keep yourself happy and develop your passion. Don’t get caught up with negative comments or pressure from others. Go at your own pace and remember that you can write about whatever your heart desires.

Consider monetising your blog

If you’ve managed to get down the basics, you can consider making money off of your blog. Of course, your expectations shouldn’t be too high if you’re starting, but it’s always good to give it a try. Combining both your passion for making money is everyone’s biggest dream.

Have an offer for brands willing to collaborate

Keep a separate section on your blog dedicated to interested brands. Add your contact information and a list of some services you are willing to offer.

Here are a few examples:

-Product reviews- travel blogs can receive products used for travel, such as suitcases, tents and many other relevant items.

-Sponsored trips- brands often reach out to bloggers and offer them a free trip for them to review a specific place.

-Display ads- post a few here and there on your blog, but remember not to overdo it.

-Affiliate links- audience interested in a certain product or service simply click on the link earning you some extra cash.

-eBooks & Product Sales- write a book or create a product and sell it to your audience.

-Brand Ambassadorships- this involves a brand asking you to use their product service and write about it continuously, and they pay you a monthly salary.

Make sure brands know you’re open to offers and collaborations. It’s a good idea to even reach out to brands if you know they’re looking for an influencer or even just out of pure curiosity to ask if they are looking for anyone to sponsor.

Consider checking out websites that offer bloggers help with investments. Here are a few:

  • – bloggers can provide their services and invest in posts here.
  • Grouphigh- they provide statists for influencers on social media.
  • BlogVertise- a platform for content and sponsored articles
  • Indahash- social media influencers can sell advertising space here
  • Pressboard- a great place to collect entries for content

How much can a travel blog make?

Bloggers who earn the most typically have several income streams from different sponsorships.

It’s hard to tell how long it will take before you start making money, but usually, it takes about a half a year to a year. After a year you could be earning from $1000 to $1500 per month, and after two or three years you could earn $5,000 a month or more. It all depends on how often you blog and your strategy. The sooner you start, the better chance you have at earning money quicker.

You have to remember that blogging isn’t all about earning money. Your audience will respect you for your honesty, transparency and fantastic content. Don’t forget that traveling is your passion, something you love to do. Overanalysing and thinking only about posting on your blog will defeat the whole purpose of it. Be yourself in the process and enjoy your experiences!


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