Nowadays, an intuitive and well-designed website is a must for every business out there. But there’s another important factor to keep in mind: its visibility in the Search Engine Optimization Results Page (SERP). Let’s be honest – even if you create the best content, your audience has to be able to find it easily. Otherwise, there’s no point in having a website and creating content in the first place.

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SEO backlinks worldwide

This is when Search Engine Optimization (SEO), both on-page and off-page, comes in useful. On-page SEO refers to the quality of the code and the content on your website (and how well-optimized it is), whereas off-page depends mainly on the backlinks that can drive relevant traffic to your site. Why is it important, though? SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative, according to 57% of B2B Marketers. No wonder – the majority of Internet users researches products online before making the decision to purchase anything, and most of them never scroll past the first page of search engines when doing so.

It’s clear to see that search engines are a powerful tool – and it’s crucial to make good use of them. Fortunately, there are many SEO services available that can help you rank higher in SERP, especially if you think of building links. Let’s start from the beginning, though.

What is link building and why does it matter?

The purpose of link building is to get featured on other websites with a link to yours. The efforts shouldn’t really end here, though. Link building requires a proper strategy with a specific set of actions, in which you take into account not only the quantity of those backlinks you get but even more importantly – their quality. Why is that? Because if any dubious source is actually mentioning your site, it won’t help you much in increasing your rank (and you may even get punished by Google due to “illegal link building activities”). And this may be hard to keep track of since, a while ago, the quality of the sources that were linking to your page was not that essential for the search engines. In the meantime, however, the rules have changed. It was above all Google that saw the need to improve user experience and the quality of sites ranking high in the Search Engine Results Page. For this reason, there were a few changes made in the algorithms that establish the rankings, in order to give people exactly what they’re looking for.

Basically, backlinks are now treated as votes of confidence in your content, which means that the more high-quality the source you’re getting a hyperlink from, the better. That quality, however, depends mostly on the content and position in the rankings. Only then a backlink can truly be valuable to your website. Also, there’s another thing to keep in mind – pay attention to whether the backlinks you acquire are dofollow or nofollow. The first type of links mentioned can be followed by the search engine’s crawlers and thus, influence the rank of your site. Nofollow links, on the contrary, are “non-trackable” and will most likely look like this in the source code of a given website: <a href=”” rel=„nofollow”>Bloggers Tips</a>. These can still be quite valuable, but won’t matter that much when it comes to the actual link building activities.

SEO backlink services used worldwide  

SEO efforts are only effective when done right. That’s precisely why many people choose to get some help and outsource a few tasks, instead of handling the whole strategy by themselves. And that’s hardly surprising. An experienced SEO company can not only guide you through the whole process but easily acquire quality backlinks for your website. Take a look at the best SEO backlink services practised around the world.

Backlink audit

Before digging into SEO (or letting someone else do it for you), it might be a good idea to evaluate the rank and the content of your website, as well as the effectiveness of previous link building or SEO activities in general. Actually, auditors should take a lot of factors into account – like domain authority and age, as well as the quantity and quality of links. This is what can help you discover which links are negative for your site and which help you the most to drive relevant traffic and get higher in Search Engine Results Page. That should always be the first step to both coming up with and executing a proper SEO strategy.

There’s another good reason that speaks for such an audit. It may eventually turn out that you have the right approach, but there’s something missing. Then, once you figure out what it may be, you can be capable of adjusting the strategy and influencing the rank of your site in SERP yourself – especially if you have a team that can back you up. Nonetheless, if you have no resources and not enough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization practices, you will at least have a clear overview of the current state of your website and possible ways of changing it.


Since the quality of both acquired backlinks and your website’s content is what truly matters, you should make sure you actually create one. The more relevant, useful and well-written it is, the higher the chances that it will get discovered and shared by the readers. This, in turn, will get you even more backlinks. It’s basically a win-win situation, isn’t it?

The only issue is that website copy or blog posts may not be that easy to come up with if you don’t possess writing skills – or you simply don’t enjoy it that much or have no time for it. Let’s be honest – good content requires detailed research of interesting topics and popular keywords that will respond to what your audience is looking for. What’s also significant is that articles need to be unique and follow certain guidelines in order to be effective in boosting your SEO efforts. That’s why it’s often a better idea to assign this task to professional copywriters, that can create not only blog posts for your site but also guest posts and sponsored articles for the external sources. Don’t forget to fill them in, though. You know your business and audience best, and such experience and knowledge are simply irreplaceable and difficult to learn, especially if your industry is not a very well-known one.

Native advertising

It’s a form of advertising which, once again, revolves around content and may not even resemble an actual ad at first. Basically, you can write an article yourself and pay for getting it published, or outsource the content creation process as well. It’s a great way not only to promote your texts but build an expert image and secure some backlinks for your website too. Although there will always be a note that the article is sponsored, it still won’t matter as much if it provides value to its readers. Make sure you choose the publisher wisely, though. Only then you can attract the right audience and ensure that those backlinks you’re acquiring are high-quality. It may seem hard to find relevant publishers at the beginning, but there are companies that can do that for you. And you will have some examples later on.

SEO backlinks worldwide

Online PR

Speaking of that expert image – once you start creating relevant and quality content, becoming more recognizable is basically inevitable. Even if you’re not into personal branding (or at least not at first), being an expert can easily drive traffic to your website and make it rank higher. Especially if you get mentioned in the press or by any other bloggers and influencers. Their websites usually have high trust flow rates and are followed by many people, which is always a good indicator when building links. These mentions can be acquired organically, but also paid for – thanks to PR agencies and dedicated SEO companies out there. Actually, it may be worth asking for their help not only due to their expertise but even more importantly – their network. It’s usually not the cheapest option when it comes to link building activities, but it can be extremely effective – in terms of getting more visible as a website owner and acquiring high-quality backlinks. Still, remember that actual results may be difficult to predict and measure properly.

Tools and networks providing link building services


  • ScreamingFrog has everything in one place: audits, content marketing, digital PR, outreach, blogging and writing, infographics, interactive content, linkbait and social media promotion.
  • Inseev interactive, on the other hand, can help you increase your authority by creating proper content and finding influencers to cooperate with, in order to build high-quality backlinks to your website. Moreover, they offer link removal, link profile analysis and white hat linking.
  • is a great platform for finding sponsored article opportunities, having it written, and keep an eye on its performance. Basically, it serves as a marketplace where marketers and publishers can easily find each other and collaborate.  
  • Linkology, diversely, has outreach experts that can find relevant websites to publish on, content specialists that are able to write quality articles, as well as link building professionals to help you acquire backlinks to your website.

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Choose the best SEO backlink services for your needs

The opportunities given by SEO backlink services can be unprecedented for your website. Yet, boosting your SEO efforts may not seem that easy, especially if you haven’t done it before. To keep it much simple, less time-consuming and more effective, choose a reliable partner for the job. There are multiple SEO backlink services out there, just to make it easier for you. Take advantage of the ones mentioned above, test them out and see whether they could work for your business. Remember – there is no single best strategy when it comes to SEO and link building, but you can surely find a backlink service that will suit your needs. And, if done properly, it can truly make difference for your website and its rank in SERP. This may seem hard to achieve at first, but with time it will certainly be worth all the effort.  

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