Increasingly more bloggers are looking for their chances when it comes to monetization of their blogging efforts. While many of them set up their blogs, websites, and platforms out of love, passion or even boredom, they can see now that with a smart plan they can attract a lot of advertisers, and it can result in getting more collaboration offers, for example.

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Content monetization sounds very easy to achieve – but there are a few mouse traps on the way to success. We decided to find out what are the challenges related to content monetization and put them all together in the form of a blog post. Keep reading to check it out and start smart monetization right now!

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Know who you are

Content creators who have a great level of awareness who they are, what they do and how they can drive some valuable traffic to their websites are more popular and appealing to potential advertisers. This, along with having a strategy of monetization based on experience and tests, gives you a stronger position for negotiating terms and rules of any possible cooperations.

As a blogger, you should take care of a few aspects of your activity: including an appropriately made offer, comprehensive bio, statistics and benefits for brands who would like to advertise through your blog. This will make you feel and look very professional, and your potential advertisers will definitely appreciate it.

Make a strong footprint on your social media as well and take care of consistent appearance. It wouldn’t hurt to hire someone to prepare you a professional logo, choose fonts or make a couple of graphics for you to use on social media and out of it.

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Don’t overdo it

You want to monetize your content – great! But testing too many things simultaneously can negatively affect your reputation and credibility. Of course, you should test, but finding a golden mean should not take you a lot of time. Otherwise, potential advertisers can be easily put off by too many ads attacking them from every corner of your blog. It’s worth mentioning, too, that it can impact the loading speed of your website, resulting in higher and less attractive bounce rate as well as growing disappointment.

Things may get a bit more complicated when you try to monetize a few sites which differ from each other as for content and context. While for many sites programmatic ads or Google ads can work the best and bring the largest revenue, for others it will all be about sponsored content and promoted posts on social media. You need to find your niche and check out what suits your blog best. Sometimes classic advertising won’t do the trick and it would be better to head to the direction of affiliate marketing.

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Use your social media channels to double the reach

A lot of bloggers make a major mistake – they don’t use their profiles on social media to make a campaign more successful. It’s a huge thing to do and it can help any campaign to be more visible and reach desired target groups. As a blogger, you should take care of it as you can present amazing results of your campaigns to the next clients or potential advertisers. It is another asset that will be taken into consideration by them and can be decisive as for involving you and your blog for further marketing activities.

Sometimes brands or advertisers can even provide with additional budget for paid, promoted posts on social media. Bloggers should always agree on such activity for a few reasons – increasing the visibility of the post goes along with increasing the visibility of the whole page and blog. Secondly, they can simply generate new followers and make the whole blogging activity more recognizable.

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Analysis and optimization!

Publishers also pointed out a lack of analysis and optimization of campaigns with bloggers. No one says about going an extra mile and doing much more than it is agreed in some arrangements between brands or advertisers and publishers or bloggers, however, it is warmly welcomed. Advertisers expect bloggers to report statistics, however, bloggers very rarely do that – for many reasons. One of them is having no skills to prepare a nice report. Another reason can be… simply being embarrassed by statistics they provided.

Use content platforms

It may be fairly difficult to monetize content at first, but bloggers should not give up even if they can’t get into any collaboration with brands. They should use content platforms like to land their first clients. Getting the very first client can be tricky, but then things get only easier.

Publishers always strongly encourage bloggers to be creative and think about the cooperation in long-term and out of the box. Making this kind of good impression increases the chance of collaboration in the future or recommendation to other brands. If the cooperation is not smooth (and it is a particular blogger’s fault) brands not only won’t engage in collaboration again but may spread a word or two to others, limiting options for a particular blogger.

Good luck!

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