We all want to earn money through our premium video content, especially on social media. Facebook in specific is a platform on which many people would like to monetize their content. Fortunately, Facebook is improving what they offer in this category. Today, you will find out why and how you can monetize Facebook Videos. No matter if you are already interested in this way of earning money, or you are just considering it, this article may come in handy one day when you’ll be looking for ideas for extra income. 

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Let’s start by explaining exactly what monetization is and how it works. Monetization refers to the process of making money from content on your website, blog, page, etc. It simply means that you’re earning revenue from your website without selling anything at all. Websites or apps are perfect places for marketing products and there are numerous ways to do so. 

Your website or social media are often the most valuable and visible online areas. A lot of time is spent on the promotion and growth of pages and content. Successful pages consist of thousands of followers and visitors. Typically, the more visitors, the more successful your page is and the more money you’ll earn. You can monetize practically anything: your software, app, browser extension etc. There are many different monetization strategies and it’s worth exploring all of them so you can maximize your revenue potential and create a strong income stream for your company.

If you provide good content but people don’t know you exist, you can still try to monetize your content. You likely won’t sell a lot because you don’t have a lot of visitors, but you can experiment with different strategies as you grow, and by the time your website gets lots of visitors, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

Video marketing

It’s estimated that up to 80% of all internet traffic will be video in 2019. YouTube and Facebook can earn you a lot of money with the right amount of traffic, while there’s also huge potential for earning as an influencer or affiliate marketer that produces top quality content. 

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There are a couple of ways to make money with video content: influencer promotion, affiliate marketing and ad revenue from views. Content should be high-quality and product-centric – this lends well to influencer and affiliate marketing. Quality and consistency of content drives great engagement and viewership, which helps build a huge audience and make an account appealing to brands. A larger audience is also what makes content appealing to brands looking to get in front of an engaged audience – this opens up a lot of opportunities as an influencer or affiliate. 

Lead generation is also an important method for monetization that businesses should be focused on when trying to earn money on their social media accounts. Every user that joins your social media audience is always a potential customer – it takes a bit of time and strategy to change them into an actual customer. There are plenty of ways to generate leads from social media – this can be overwhelming but is definitely worth it in the long run. 

Successful lead generation strategies:

  • Creating good content for their blog which is shareable and easily inspires traffic to your site
  • Hosting webinars with influential and insightful thought leaders, which creates a direct call for email capture that is easily promoted on social media
  • Creating free resources like free CRM or free invoice generator which are super shareable on social media

The strength and value behind content helps to continue building an audience and capture leads based on fair value exchange. People are much more willing to give up their email or share some information if they know that they are getting something in return. 

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Making money on Facebook 

Eligibility for monetization Facebook videos

  1. Publish regular video with up to 3 min or more and create engaging content
  2.  A good amount of followers on your Facebook pages
  3. All videos should be on your page
  4. Meet with Facebook eligibility standards

Ad Breaks for more creators

Facebook is now giving access to its Ad Breaks program to more users. The program will be exposed more broadly in stages, starting with creators who are creating longer, original content that encourages audience engagement and retention.

Communicate with your visitors

Although Facebook’s exact algorithm for who sees your content isn’t clear, there’s a correlation between people with whom you regularly interact and people who frequently see your posts in their newsfeed. You can increase the chances of friends seeing your content by liking and to respond to their comments on your content. Liking and commenting on other friends’ posts will also help your friends see your posts.

Post videos regularly

You don’t want to flood your friends’ news feeds with posts or videos – try to post at least once a day though. Consistently posting will lead to consistent followers. Designating a theme for your posts can also help keep your posts consistent. If you do this, make sure that you monitor the general reaction to the topic posts, and be prepared to change the theme if you’re not getting the followers that you want.

Engage with your community

A big mistake is a lot of e-commerce brands don’t engage with their customers. That gives even the smallest retailer a huge competitive advantage. Engaging with your community isn’t only about customer service like responding to questions about delivery times – it’s about building relationships. By engaging with your followers, their friends and followers might end up following you as a result.

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Monetizing videos on social media is a quick and efficient way to earn a lot of money. Take our tips and advice into consideration and try to create the best possible content in order to gain your target audience’s interest. Don’t be too overwhelming, but be consistent and in no time you’ll be earning more than you can imagine! 


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