Creating a website is not rocket science, but maintaining it and advertising it properly can be troublesome for many. Without proper advertisement, achieving success may not be possible or may take quite a while. If you want to monetize your website, you need to take very good care of its promotion. Otherwise, your efforts may fall on deaf ears.

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Take care of your SEO strategy

One of the ways to find your website will be through search engines, for example Google which is the most popular one. To be found there, you need to do your best and take care of positioning. You can go into link building, guest posting or just regular posting and working on your content without a single break, but it will pay off.

Remember about checking keywords no matter what you do and finding some words that are repeated in your competitors’ content. This way you can care about search engine optimization – SEO – and cover areas they don’t cover or that they actually already cover, but you can do it better.

Link building

Care about external links that lead to your site as it shows your importance to e.g. Google. The more links you can generate, the better, but remember about their unique value as well. Exchanging links, as it was aforementioned, it is always warmly welcomed as you can build your trust next to positioning.

Using social media is always encouraged, especially if you can reach your audience in many ways – both by using paid campaigns or organically. Here, we’ll focus on the former. Paid campaigns do not have to cost a small fortune to deliver results and reach your target groups, so you should definitely give them a go. Even a few bucks make you target people of specific age, interests, demographics or even used devices, or those who follow particular brands. With all of the possibilities given by social media, you should make the most of your social media presence

Influencer marketing

Using some influencers can help you spread a word or two about your brand and website. They can redirect to your site and encourage others to engage in your communication. Also, they can help you sell your products and services if needed. Sometimes they do it for free, sometimes for a product or services, but very often they will require some serious payment depending on their reach, so think twice if you want to invest in it from day zero.

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YouTube usage

Give it a try! A good piece of video can go viral and get some serious attention, generating you some reach and clicks. If you want to attract some more people, and you audience is really engaged on YouTube, missing this platform would be missing the boat.


You need to keep an eye on analysis and constant performance optimization, otherwise you may be spending your time, money and efforts on channels that don’t work. Track in Google Analytics which sources drive you the best and most valuable reach. Focus on your business core and areas that deliver results. You can get to some really quality conclusion while analysing, so never stop doing so!


Reddit can drive a lot of reach and clicks if your presence there is maintained well. Reddit users hate salesy, spammy, pushy content, so when creating your lines of communications, you ought to remember that interaction and value is a must there.

Join groups

LinkedIn and Facebook offer a lot of possibilities to join various groups, where your audience is hidden but active. Identify a list of groups and do not hesitate to join them for several reasons. Firstly, to find out what your target group is into. Secondly, to engage in the same discussions and see their points of view. And another reason is to maybe even play the game of social selling or recommending some stuff.

Answer needs

Quora bursts with amazing popularity now, cause people are looking for questions and they try to find answers as soon as possible. However, Google not always can make do, so Quora with their exhaustive knowledge comes to the rescue.

Be the one who delivers value – and answers questions. If they are good, people will want to find you and interact with you further.

Interactive content

You should invest your efforts in creating content that attracts, engages and keeps for longer. You can try some of infographics, graphics, videos (even some apps on smartphones now cando so for you), whitepapers, e-books, and you can even generate some additional leads to use further.

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Think about adding a blog

While your website itself may not generate a lot of reach and views, your blog can. Creating some more neutral content can be simply easier and more suitable there, and it can also impact your Search Engine Optimization overall. It does not matter if it is a product blog or corporate blog, you will always find out some interesting ways of communication or content ideas.

Newsletters for the win

Okay, you may think that newsletters are dead and no one reads them, let alone signs up for new ones. You may be wrong or you have never seen a good newsletter! You can really make a lot of interest around your e-mail marketing, and you can also use it for your potential customers’ base to attract them and encourage to visit your site again. You can include there your interactive content and links, but remember not to overdo it!

You can really attract your audience anew with catchy newsletter that delivers value, and that could not be identified as another spammy message.

Using cross-marketing

If your website was created to support your other business, combine those ends and make it be visible for everyone coming from the other one. Promotional gadgets, services or products can drive you a lot of attention, reach and visits.

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Use the power of Pinterest

Pinterest seems to be very underrated social media platform while it can drive a lot of attention in industries like beauty, apparel or cosmetics! The conversion can be crazy and you should definitely try using Pinterest more often.

Use aggregators

If you want to get into sponsored content and sell such services to brands, you may want to start from aggregators. In some websites, like, you can find a list of advertisers or add yourself to a list of content creators and answer advertisers’ needs. Before you start doing so, though, get your website prepared on serious reseach from advertisers’ site. If you think you are not ready for it yet, better spend some more time on preparing for a real launch.

Get into Google Ads

Also Google Ads can drive you a lot of interesting traffic and same as it applied to paid campaigns on social media, they do not really have to cost a lot to actually give you some satisfying results. Also, setting them up is fairly simple.

Best of luck with your efforts!

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