Creating valuable pieces of content can take time, efforts and a lot of money, however, it is crucial to have a good strategy for content creation and distribution. Your content should be published regularly and be compliant with your strategy and business goals.

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To achieve success, you need to build a reliable, solid and well-skilled content team who won’t promise the moon but delivers amazing pieces of content in time. While many people can struggle with hiring some of them within their own organizations, making the most of the help of external sources can seem to be a brilliant idea. What should organizations take into consideration when hiring freelance blog writers? Keep reading to find out!

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Would it be a good idea for you to get some Freelance Blog Writers on board?

The main inquiry that the vast majority have is:

Would it be advisable for me to utilize existing assets to compose blog content or would it be advisable for me to redistribute the composition to another person?

The best blog content commonly originates from individuals in your organization. While they probably won’t be scholars themselves, they commonly know the business, the agony purposes of the clients, and the item or administration you offer the best.

Nonetheless, for this model to work:

  • Everyone must approve of workers putting resources into time in new content creation
  • The representatives themselves need to have their contribution in the blog (or potentially you have to motivate them)
  • You need somebody to deal with a content schedule and tight due dates

By structure your group along these lines, it enables your content to successfully scale.

What Should Your Content Distribution Group Resemble?

When beginning off in content promoting, you just need to procure a Supervisor or Advertising Chief.

What about your content team?

  • They ought to have the option to make the content process (an arrangement that states what separates your content from the challenge, how they intend to draw in your intended interest group to the blog, and a few thoughts around what sort of articles will do best for the organization).
  • They ought to be generally excellent at content advancement (before enlisting this individual, they ought to have the option to diagram how they intend to disseminate your content with the goal that it gets seen by your intended interest group).
  • They ought to have the option to construct and scale your composition group (They ought to have the option to recognize great from terrible journalists, they ought to have the option to help manage what sort of substance is required for your organization)

Different undertakings that the supervising individual may do at first:

  • Deal with a substance schedule
  • Oversee online networking
  • Oversee blog messages
  • Oversee changes

This person ought to have the option to get your blog off the ground. Be that as it may, this is a great deal of work for only one individual. When this person is extended excessively flimsy, you’ll likely need to acquire a blog overseeing manager.

When your blog begins getting a great deal of traffic, and by a ton, I’m talking 50,000+ month to month visitors, at that point you may likewise need to expedite a transformation improvement contractual worker or full-time representative to help convert traffic to clients.

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Contracting bloggers in-house is an incredible choice, in any case, except if you’re an enormous organization, it’s normally too costly when simply beginning with content promoting. Additionally, another drawback is that you’re constrained to that one individual’s ability.

Content Advertising offices normally are great at covering content at an abnormal state, at scale, however, I still can’t seem to run over an organization that has essayists with profound topic mastery in explicit businesses. Additionally, another drawback to offices is that they’re commonly costly.

The advantages of employing independent bloggers:

  • You can contract independent authors with the skill that you need
  • Contracting a group of consultants can possibly scale more than the alternatives above.
  • The expense is regularly… more beneficial for you, since you need to pay a lot less than on the salary of somebody full-time

How to find freelance bloggers?

It’s not that hard! You should definitely look at social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, where freelancer bloggers gather in groups or promote their services.

If you don’t want to use social media, you can use websites listed below:

Whitepress can help you identify bloggers writing in your niche and both buy some sponsored posts directly from them or involve them into collaboration with your and writing for you, as ghostwriters for example. It is all up to you – and with a very functional and intuitive panel, you are able to refine your search and find someone you may work with really quickly. The variety of choice is impressive, and the tool is incredibly easy to use.


Upwork is all around the most broadly perceived independent employment board. Upwork is the consequence of a merger among Odesk and Elance and highlights a broad database of master essayists. You can utilize channels to limit the applicants and locate the ones that fit your specialty and business needs.

You can scan for journalists and bloggers dependent on their experience and the amount they charge—including their fixed cost and hourly rates. You can likewise scan for essayists that talk a specific local language or those that have skill in a particular nation.

While Upwork’s size makes it an extraordinary possibility for discovering specialists, it tends to be hard to locate the best essayists in the gigantic log of clients. To effectively locate an independent essayist on Upwork, you’ll need time and tolerance to channel and filter through a huge number of results.


Fiverr is like Upwork in that it is a huge online activity board. Until this point in time, Fiverr flaunts more than 1.5 million dynamic clients from everywhere throughout the world. You can make onboarding reports directly on the site. You can even utilize Fiverr to deal with your content advertising process by sharing archives and making undertakings.

Fiverr and Upwork are both amazing selections for entrepreneurs that may have more tightly spending plans. Since it’s allowed to post-work promotions, it’s anything but difficult to get the consideration of qualified competitors without dishing out gobs of cash. Once more, you’ll be patient and use channels to limit the up-and-comers from a huge pool.

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Before you find the best freelancers to write a blog for your company or clients, you need to identify if you want it to be a longer collaboration or just one-shot activity. If the former, you may want to establish a relationship with them and pay them what they deserve. Of course, it depends on the country you operate at and wages there. Remember that if you pay them too little, they may leave you anytime.

To sum it up:

Making fantastic content is an extraordinary method to make your business stand out from the group. Content creation extends your online nearness and enables work to trust and commitment. There are many reasons why content creation is basic to any showcasing plan, however making that substance can be troublesome. That is the reason an ever-increasing number of organizations contract independent authors.

Regardless of whether your articles need to incorporate drafting whitepapers, making official statements, or idealizing greeting pages, having an expert essayist on board can have a significant effect with regards to quality.

Finding an expert author is simpler than any time in recent memory on account of content creation administrations and occupation loads up. These devices help associate organizations with master scholars that can make the articles any business should be fruitful.

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